Sunday, August 31, 2014

Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt Smiley 360 Party @smiley360 @healthy_choice

 Disclosure: I received your free Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt product from Smiley360. 

I was interested to try a new frozen yogurt product that recently came out from Healthy Choice. Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt is a totally new idea that is a special treat that you can enjoy anytime free from guilt. Why? Each variety is made with no artificial flavors, real nonfat milk and live, active yogurt cultures to create just the right creamy tartness. It is available right now in your grocer’s freezer aisle, with Healthy Choice meals or other frozen novelties. It’s a perfectly cool treat on its own or in simple recipes.  Think about all the can use it to create your own Greek Ice Cream Bars on sticks like we did or you can set up a fun sundae bar at your house.  Think about how much fun that could be out back or on the deck...perhaps by the pool?

I received a helpful recipe card in my Smiley kit to create a tasty summertime creation using Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt.  These are all the goodies I received:
  • (4) full value coupons for Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt
  • (1) Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt T-Shirt for you!
  • (12) Coupons for $0.75 off 1 Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt Product
  • Smiley360 Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt Sharing Guide with recipes
We spent the week down at the beach house and had friends in and out. One day we had a get together with friends at the beach and I set up my party with the help of a good cooler. We made frozen yogurt bars that turned out super yummy with the help of simple popsicle sticks.  A dip in chocolate took just a second and a few sprinkles made them fun and festive. Everyone just loved Healthy Choice® Greek Frozen Yogurt from the tiny tots to the big kids and adults.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Listerine Naturals Mouthwash #NeedTheNatural #ListerineNaturals @Crowdtap

Disclosure: I was recently chosen to sample new Listerine Naturals Mouthwash Herbal Mint product through Crowdtap. I received a complimentary sample in exchange for my honest opinion.  

I am a clean, healthy white teeth kind of girl.  I brush with my Sonicare, floss and use mouthwash every day at least twice.  Did you know that when you brush your teeth it misses up to 75% of your mouth? That is a fact...brushing alone is not enough.  You need more.

I was excited to try this new Listerine Naturals mouthwash and see how it worked. I have to say, you can feel the difference with Listerine Naturals cleans your whole mouth leaving you with fresh breath...naturally.  It tastes good and your mouth feels clean. Forget those endless mints and gum...that is just covering up the problem.  Listerine Naturals Antiseptic Mouthwash kills those icky bacteria that brushing alone misses! 

I've tried a variety of mouthwashes over the years including traditional Listerine and this is one of the best options I have seen on the shelf in a long time.  It is refreshing to boot and I love the fact that they removed some if the unnatural stuff in there. I like that it is clear too...who needs dyes in their mouthwash? Not me.
Listerine Naturals is a nice improvement in that the company made some important changes that are a big step forward. Yes, it still contains alcohol, but the alcohol they use is derived from corn. It’s a naturally derived ingredient. They have removed the artificial flavors, sweeteners and ta-da....all the dyes.  Listerine Naturals is crystal clear and tastes fresh.  
I noticed a common preservative in Listerine Naturals that I don't love but I can live with: sodium benzoate. It is the last ingredient on the list so obviously the smallest ingredient of all in the mouthwash.  I would love if they could remove it totally. 
The active ingredients In Listerine Naturals Mouthwash are Eucalyptol, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate and Thymol. Stevia is the natural sweetener too.  Some nice improvements that I love. The best part is that it tastes great...very refreshing. It leaves your mouth feeling clean for a long time too. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gorgeous and On Trend Makeup by One Direction is now available at Macy's plus GiVeAwAy! #makeupby1D @brandbacker #thelookscollection #markwins

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The irreverent attitude and colorful style of a new generation takes on a glamorous form in Makeup by One Direction formulated for 2014 style. The world’s biggest pop band debuts a limited-edition cosmetics collection by Markwins International, now available at Macy’s! The Wait is Over! Now my loyal readers get the inside scoop and the opportunity to win a Looks Collection set autographed by the band!

This fanciful collection of makeup and cosmetics is everything you could dream of to create a youthful and stylish look that is perfect for day or evening.  You get to choose from three different "The Looks Collection" keepsake tins, each with a totally different look and style.  Maybe you will have to give in and buy all three.  Each colorful cosmetics palette lets your creative side shine through as you celebrate the good life infused with vivid shades, fresh formulas and stylish limited edition collectable packaging.  Makeup by One Direction is just fun, bold and lets you get as wild as you like. Totally on trend so just pick your fave look and you can feel confident you are going to look amazing. The best part is that this special new product is offered at prices that every girl and woman can afford the splurge without guilt.

The Looks Collection” comprises three keepsake tins.  Each individual collection is inspired by One Direction’s globe-conquering albums, “Up All Night, “Take Me Home” and the latest chart topper, ‘Midnight Memories.” It sounds amazing already, right?  Each special collection tin comes complete with everything you need to create unique, bold and beautiful looks. You can find just the right bold colors to become a rock n’ roll girl, shake up the bright colors to transform yourself into a fun party girl or keep it sweet to channel the girl next door. They make it so easy and fun to find the ideal collection(s) just for you. The easy to follow illustrations make it a snap to get the perfect look. The LIMITED EDITION collectable keepsake tin holds all your beauty essentials in one spot...perfect for home or travel.  It even has a has a  removable sleeve, complete with ONE DIRECTION doodle stencils to decorate your keepsake tin and make it uniquely your own!  You can see all the exclusive deets on the 3 Looks Collection tins too.

One Direction has 32 million Facebook likes and over 106 million combined Twitter followers.  Not a surprise to me...I was at a recent 1D concert and the MetLife stadium was packed to the gills.  Now you head over to Macy's and get even closer to your fave band by picking up their amazing makeup line.

Don't forget you can enter the giveaway for US and Canadian residents and win. All you have to do is enter your email, like the FB page and post to Twitter. You can increase your chances to win and gain additional entries by referring friends, pinning on Pinterest, or liking their Twitter page. The more entries the higher the chance of winning.
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